From One Liberal to Another


If Donald Trump wins the Presidency in November don’t blame third parties, voter turnout, the media or the education level of voters. Instead place the blame where it belongs; at the feet of the Democratic Party.

Blame the former people’s Party that gave hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars to Wall Street banks as they systematically threw millions of Americans out of their homes.

Blame the former Party of FDR who could have given us a public option, but instead sided with their insurance company political donors over the American people.

Blame the former Party of the working-class for trying to push through the job and sovereignty grabbing corporate T.P.P trade agreement during the lame duck session.

Blame the former peace Party for allowing the Obama administration to go unchecked as it did the unimaginable, making a bad situation worse in the Middle East. Doubling down on many of the same egregious policies that they opposed under George W. Bush administration.

Blame the Party that gaslighted the weaker candidate, who was under FBI investigation, through the nomination process. All the while lying about the seriousness and validity of the accusations.

Don’t blame those of who are having a hard time distinguishing between establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans. And don’t blame those of us who cannot hold our noses in loyalty to a Party that feels no obligation to stay loyal to its constituents.


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  1. Invisible Mikey · September 1, 2016

    I’ve heard this sentiment a few times before, but it’s atypical of the Bernie supporters and progressives I hang with. I’m excited to be able to fight an actual fascist, in a situation where his army won’t be able to shoot at me! My father, who fought in WW2, used to talk about having to fight with the army you’ve got (as opposed to the4 army you wish you had) decades before politicians repeated that sentiment. That’s the situation we’re in with the Democrats. Stein voters can’t stop Trump. Libertarians can’t stop him. Voting for HRC, warts and all, is how we stop him. It’s not ideal. It’s practical.

    If Trump wins, we can still take him down like we did Nixon, with ridicule, with investigative journalism, and with the law.


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