Stop Assuming We Will Vote For Hillary


Every four years, after one candidate from each Party manages to claw their way to the Nomination, the Parties enter an interregnum phase, commonly referred to as the “Party healing phase” when the Party mends any wounds gained by the nomination process, to coalesce around the nominee.


The scene is the same each year, the runner-up throws their support to the victor, the victor does their best to quell any hesitations the runner-up’s supports may have, (often by including the runner-up in the new administration), and the voters eventually fall in line and vote for the Party’s candidate in the General Election. It is standard campaign/elections 101.


Yet in a year that should have all Political Science professors setting their textbooks on fire, it is presumptuous at best to assume that this year’s interregnum phase is likely to follow the rules.

If the Democratic Nominee is Bernie Sanders, there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s supporters will stand behind him, the same cannot necessarily be said if Clinton were to win the nomination.

It is a dangerous move for the Democratic Party to bank on the fact that Bernie Sanders’ supporters will “heal” with the Party and coalesce around Clinton, should she win. What the Democratic Party and the establishment at large do not understand is that Bernie Sanders supporters ARE initiating a revolution and it is a revolution that will continue, whether Sanders gets the nomination or not.


For many people Bernie Sanders has helped open their eyes to the crony capitalistic and blatant corrupt system that we have. For these people the genie is out of the bottle, there is no settling for the lessor of two evils.


There are three types of Bernie supporters whose profiles do not lend well to Hillary Clinton.

1. The First Timers – For many people Bernie Sanders has given them a reason to vote for the first time, never having participated in the political process before. We are not just talking Millennials and high schoolers looking for a free ride to college, we are talking about fully formed adults, seniors even, that have stayed on the sidelines their entire lives through one Presidential race after another, never finding a candidate palatable enough, except for now.

2. The Independents – There are many Independents that have gravitated to Bernie Sanders who have absolutely no loyalties to the Democratic Party and might very well switch to Trump if the match up is Clinton v. Trump. We all know someone who falls into this category.

3. The Real Liberals – Then there are the lifelong Liberal Democrats, who voted along the party line because it was the lesser of the two evils, never satisfied with the Party that continuously puts corporate interests before the interests of the American people.


There are many reasons that these groups are less likely to get behind Hillary Clinton, too many to list. But the biggest reason that some Sanders supporters will never support Hillary Clinton is because no matter how much she tries to sound like Sanders, we know that she has benefited, as much as anyone could, from the system that we are trying to change.


If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, the only chance of healing the “Party” is to ask Bernie Sanders to be her running mate. There is no way around it, Sanders can survive without Clinton, Clinton cannot survive without Sanders.








Trump the Media’s Trojan Horse to Stop the Revolution?


For a while it looked liked Americans were finally waking up to the fact that they have been loosing the class war that they didn’t even know they were in. This is because the two insurgent candidates, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were sounding a lot alike, reflective of the fact that the far right and the far left actually agree with what is wrong with our country; we live in an oligarchy. The mainstream media is the elite’s propaganda machine, big money is ruining our political system, free trade has decimated the middle class and the military industrial complex keeps us in perpetual war and our tax dollars far from the United States.

It is time that all Americans realize that they have been snookered. You have fallen for a classic divide and conquer scheme. You have been divided up into categories, filled with propaganda about “the other” and you spend your energy fighting the wrong entity. This is a classic technique that has been used by those who want or have power for thousands of years from Julius Caesar to Napoleon. The technique’s most recent success story is in the United States.

While you were busy fighting “the other,” the corporate takeover of your country slowly occurred, right under your nose. They bought the media, they cut your pay, they raised the price of everything, they sent your job overseas, they sent your brother to war, they poisoned your children, they polluted your planet, they stole your money, they told you lies.

For once, both political parties had a candidate that was finally speaking about the oh-so taboo subject of class warfare in this country. This was evident by cross over support between Sanders and Trump supporters, but as Donald Trump’s racist dog whistle grew louder and louder he started a divide between the low class populism movements and it makes no sense.

If Trump were sincere with his pro low-class rhetoric he would not be working so hard to divide us along race lines. Make no mistake about it, we are having a revolution; it is time that people educate themselves in the art of political warfare because the opposition knows it well. The fact that Trump is using race to divide and conquer, which jinns up the left right division, which will be used by the corporate media to divert our attention from the real problem; the raging war on the lower class, leads me to believe that Trump is a Trojan horse for the corporation that has taken over the country.



This is not about Black/White, Republican/Democrat, and North/South it is about CLASS. It is about how the people who own the means of production want to keep the masses poor and enslaved, they don’t care what color you are or what Party you belong to.

For the sake of our country, let us not fall for this divide and conquer scheme at this most critical point in our history.




Clinton, Not Sanders Will Bring MORE Gridlock


As soon as the 2012 election was over and the White House secured in the blue, I like many people who consider themselves Democrats became increasingly excited about the inevitable prospect of a 2016 Hillary Clinton Presidential run. I had in fact, preferred Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama in the 2008 contest. I did eventually fall in line and got aboard the Hope and Change bandwagon.

As President Obama’s second term unfolded however, something occurred to me, if the Democrats ran Hillary in the 2016 General election, they would lose. Or worse yet, Hillary would be the next President and the country would be damned to 4 more years of Congressional obstruction and gridlock and a deepening polarization of the American people. It was a harsh reality for this writer, who had grown up during the Clinton years, in a Clinton household, to make the realization that the democrats and the country would be better served by someone other than Hillary Clinton. This is a truth that many life-long Demos are going to have to face and fast if they want to keep the White House out of the red. (Or orange)

Why did I come to this epiphany years ago, precisely because I HAD lived through the Clinton years and I remembered them. I remembered that those years were the beginning of the political divide that has only grown since President Clinton left office in 2000. While the mainstream media likes to tout the old glory Clinton days, I remembered the daily bombardment of accusations, personal attacks, investigations, impeachment and the fact that some people no matter what seemed to hate the Clintons and passionately.

Many people may believe that enough time has past since the 1990’s ire for the Clintons. Hillary became a Senator, did important work as Secretary of State and her husband’s administration symbolized a time and government before it all came off its wheels, before terrorism, before economic ruin and the complete destruction of bipartisan political solutions in this country. Sounds like the glory days doesn’t it?

There are just two facts that Hillary and the media seem to forget:

  1. We liked Bill not necessarily Hillary, and the right has never made any bones about the fact that they have never liked her.
  2. 20 years ago there was a will to govern. Besides a couple of policy driven government shut downs, Congress put aside its distaste for the President and still managed to do it’s job of writing and passing laws. This does not happen anymore.

If the past 7 years has taught this country anything it is that Congress is willing to halt all productivity and progress at the detriment of the country if it does not like or feels it cannot work with the President. Just ask President Obama. And who does the far right hate more than President Obama? Hillary Clinton. If the 4 year $20 million Benghazi investigation doesn’t give us a preview of what is to come with a Hillary Clinton Presidency nothing will.

But for all of you Lefties imagining a Hillary Clinton Presidency being a super highbred of a President Obama and President Bill Clinton administration you are right and here is what it will look like: scandals real and fake, multimillion-tax dollar investigations, Bill’s sex scandals, nightmarish Thanksgivings with your right wing uncle, deepening political division and more importantly expansion of Presidential powers because just like President Obama, Hillary will not be able to get much of her agenda done with the help of Congress.

For whatever reason, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton inspire the worst in their governing counterparts, so much so, that the other side will always chose not to govern even at the expense of the country. We as Democrats could never have foreseen the overt obstructionism that came as a result of the election of President Obama. Now I am not turning on the President, I am stating a fact that he himself recognized during his last State of the Union speech. Imagine what could have been accomplished if he had not met with such opposition from Congress.

While we couldn’t foresee the obstructionism that was to be the Obama years, there is no way that ANYONE can HONESTLY say that Hillary will inspire the political Right to get on board with her liberal agenda. ANYONE can see that her administration will bring more of the same obstructionism and pure hatred from the Right.

You may realize that Bernie Sanders’ name has not been invoked in this article yet. Sanders already has your heart whether you know it or not. Hillary is working for your head and if you step back and use it, you like I, and so many others will soon realize she doesn’t make sense there either.