From One Liberal to Another


If Donald Trump wins the Presidency in November don’t blame third parties, voter turnout, the media or the education level of voters. Instead place the blame where it belongs; at the feet of the Democratic Party.

Blame the former people’s Party that gave hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars to Wall Street banks as they systematically threw millions of Americans out of their homes.

Blame the former Party of FDR who could have given us a public option, but instead sided with their insurance company political donors over the American people.

Blame the former Party of the working-class for trying to push through the job and sovereignty grabbing corporate T.P.P trade agreement during the lame duck session.

Blame the former peace Party for allowing the Obama administration to go unchecked as it did the unimaginable, making a bad situation worse in the Middle East. Doubling down on many of the same egregious policies that they opposed under George W. Bush administration.

Blame the Party that gaslighted the weaker candidate, who was under FBI investigation, through the nomination process. All the while lying about the seriousness and validity of the accusations.

Don’t blame those of who are having a hard time distinguishing between establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans. And don’t blame those of us who cannot hold our noses in loyalty to a Party that feels no obligation to stay loyal to its constituents.


DNC Emails: Party Debated Blocking Bernie Staffer Over Social Media Posts


The DNC email hack continues to be a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party establishment, as the discovery of a chain of emails within the Wikileaks treasure trove further demonstrate the Party’s dislike and paranoia towards the Bernie Sanders revolution and its supporters.

On May 18th a chain of emails started within the echelon of the DNC concerning a $50 donation and request to attend a June fundraising event hosted by then DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. “She’s a Bernie staffer from Tennessee with a ton of rants on facebook.. this should be interesting.” Nick Seminerio, DNC Finance Assistant wrote to the Finance Chief of Staff, beginning a multi-day debate within the DNC on what to do with this rogue request from Amanda Kruel, the East Tennessee Field Organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Emails reveal that the DNC considered denying entry and refunding the $50 donation after an internal vet of Kruel revealed that she had been exercising her freedom of speech on social media, the vet flagged Kruel for two reasons:
“(1) multiple tweets throwing shade on DWS; (2) staunch Bernie supporter and campaign staffer; was elected delegate for TN-2 at the DNC”

The Kruel emails show an overly suspicious DNC regarding how to handle dissent within the Party. “Let’s loop in Luis too. My first reaction is no, but on further thought, Kruel could turn this back on us and say she was denied attendance by the big bad establishment.” Wrote Brad Marshall the DNC CFO who is also responsible for writing the much reported email that questioned Senator Bernie Sanders’ religion.

When it seemed settled that Kruel would be given admittance to the event in order to quell bad press that denying her might bring, panic hit when Kruel bought a second ticket and conversations shifted to how to contain the rabid Sanders supporters that would be in their midst.

“She bought another ticket late last night. We could collect phones at the door. That way they couldn’t film and post any stunts they try to pull.” That was the last email concerning Kruel: perhaps due to the  lessons learned by the Clinton email scandal, the matter was settled via a phone call between Tracie Pough, Wasserman-Schultz’ Chef of Staff at the DNC and DNC Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer.

When Amanda Kruel drove up to the gate for the June 2 fundraiser at the home of Leanne and Rusty Comer, in Knoxville Tennessee, she had no idea that her presence that night had been much debated within the DNC. By all accounts the DNC’s concerns about Kruel continued throughout the evening.

In an interview with The Tennessean, Kruel reported “A security person told her she couldn’t go into the gated community with Bernie Sanders materials in the car and she said she told him, “I always have Bernie stuff in my car.” She eventually was admitted.”

While at the event, Kruel got a feeling during her brief conversation with Wasserman-Schultz that the Congresswoman had in fact been warned about Kruel. It also appeared that she was closely watched by a security guard that evening. “I joked after the event that he seemed to have been ‘assigned’ to me, as he was never far from me. That joke may have been a fact.” Kruel said in a Washington Examiner interview.

By all accounts the Kruel emails are just another example of how the DNC was working against Senator Sanders. Yet upon closer inspection these emails illustrate the pervasive need to control any dissent or varying voices within the Democratic Party.

When the Democratic Party conspires to exclude and exact retribution on Party members, Americans, who exercise their First Amendment rights, then conspires to keep them from exercising those First Amendment rights; it is time to clean house.

It is not enough that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz left the DNC. We need to demand that ALL of the top echelon of the DNC be tossed out, starting with CFO Brad Marshall. The fact that no other heads have rolled is alarming. Regardless of whether you are going to stay with the Democrats or not we cannot let these offenses go unchecked. Our democracy demands it.

 UPDATE: On 8/2/16 The DNC announced the resignations of CEO Amy Dacey, communications director Luis Miranda and chief financial officer Brad Marshall.



The Future of the Revolution



 The most important moment of the Sanders revolution is upon us. As we experience the stages of grief over the death of our dream of a Bernie Sanders Presidency, it will be easy to disconnect from what we have accomplished and from what our goals are. It will be easier for us to forget what we loved about our campaign and to give into the feeling that our dream, our Founding Father’s dream of a government of, by and for the people will always be out of reach.  From one griever to another, I implore you to lend an ear as we figure out where to go from here.

There are three things that must occur in order for us to move on to the next phase of the revolution, the sooner the better.

First, we must accept that short of an indictment or other such unforeseen event, Bernie Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee, nor will he run as an independent. He will endorse Clinton and ask you to vote for her. Clinton won this with the numbers, we can and should debate about how she got to requisite number of delegates, but we must accept that she did and not get mired down with useless denial. As we have much to do.

Second, we must not disengage. Don’t vow to never vote again, don’t become so disillusioned that you fall back asleep and give your political power over to those that we have been fighting against. Show up in November, show up for your local elections and primaries. Don’t drop out of the process now; this is what the establishment wants and expects.

And most importantly we must realize our power. Step back and look at what we have accomplished. We did not get Sanders elected, but was that the goal? Yes it became the goal, but was it the goal in the beginning? Did Bernie Sanders expect to win the nomination when he first announced? Or was his goal to give voice to the issues that matter, to give voice to the voiceless and get them involved in the political system?

Remember the first time you heard Bernie Sanders speak, what struck you about him? Were you so invested in him personally that first day? No, it was his message. The message that our political system needs to work for us and that we have the power to ensure that it does. Our collective goal in the beginning was to wake up, get involved and force the establishment to address the issues of the working poor and middle class. We found our political power after years of believing that we had none.

We took on the money.

We proved that politicians do not have to take money from special interest groups by putting financial skin in the game ourselves and funding Bernie Sanders’ campaign. (We incidentally outraised Hillary Clinton significantly. Her big money donors could not keep up with us.)

We now know and politicians now know, that it is unnecessary to take bribes in order to be politically competitive. This will have real consequences. We will hold our politicians accountable for where they get their money and hopefully more honest thoughtful people like Sanders will be able to run for office; now that they know that can compete financially if they stand with the people.

Look around in your local political scene, I bet you can find an example of someone who has been inspired to run by Sanders who needs your support. The fact that for the first time, the nominees for both parties were the candidates that spent the least in their respective contests proves how the old system of money influencing politics is changing.

We took on the media

We did not accept that the mainstream media was ignoring Sanders. We took to social media relaying all the latest news from our states. We started blogs and wrote letters to the editor in our local newspapers. We emailed 20-year-old videos of Sanders giving Alan Greenspan what-for on the House floor to our co-workers. We got the word out. We showed up. We filmed the rallies when the press wouldn’t. We forced the mainstream media to cover Bernie Sanders. We showed their bias. We shut off CNN and turned on TYT.

We took on the Democratic Party

Bernie Sanders could have run as an Independent but he did not. Opting instead to get as much political capital as he could by infiltrating the Democratic Party and dragging it back to its working class roots. Had we not supported Sanders surely President Obama would not be talking about expanding social security. Hillary Clinton would not have endorsed a $15 minimum wage. Nor would the country be talking about the consequences of trade deals, big money in politics and affordable college. We forced that dialogue.

We engaged in the process. We forced the DNC’s hand and got more debates when the DNC wanted to hide Sanders’ message and Clinton’s lack of one. We learned the Party rules in our state, and worked to change them for the future. We showed up at the polls and at the state conventions, forcing state Democratic parties to reflect our stances on super delegates and expanding participation. We got Cornel West on the DNC platform committee. We have a real good chance of getting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz out of office.

So where do we go from here? In order for the People’s Revolution to progress we need as a collective and as individuals to simply continue down the path that has worked for us; taking on the money, media and political process.

Continue to fight big money in our political system; push for publicly funded elections in your state. Keep donating small amounts of money to candidates that represent your values. Find or start your local chapter of Wolf-PAC, an initiative to lobby states to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizen’s United. Teach your neighbors that we can no longer turn a blind eye to our government’s system of bribery.

Continue to push against the narrative of the MSM. Seek alternative points of views, but always keep in mind whose agenda is being propagated. Keep yourself informed of the real issues and continue to inform others. Call out the MSM when they lie and fail to address our issues. Continue to write letters to the editor. Film and share the stories that they won’t.

Continue to take on the political system. Force the DNC to get rid of superdelegates. Help third parties get on the ballot. Start a third party. Take on the systematic voter suppression and fraud that you witnessed first hand. Push to do away with provisional ballots and electronic voting machines.

Find politicians like Bernie Sanders. I know you think this will be the hardest. Yet there are people in office and who want to run for office that are honest, gracious, moral and fair. I promise you they are out there. Bernie Sanders was right under your nose for the last thirty years after all.

Bernie Sanders lifted the veil and showed us the political power that we always had. That was his job. It is our job to step up, take our seat at the table and exert that power. While at the table, if you find rules that you don’t like, change them. If you find people that don’t represent you values, vote them out. Show up, speak up and continue the fight. That is what Bernie Sanders will do. That is what we will do.



Debunking 5 MSM Lies about the Democratic Nomination





1. Hillary Clinton has 2.5 million more popular votes than Sanders – This is absolutely not true. By the mere fact that the Democratic Nomination contests are a mix of Primaries and Caucuses there is no accurate way to calculate popular vote. Comparing primaries and caucuses is like comparing apples and onions; it can’t be done. There have been 13 caucuses held thus far with Sanders winning 11 of them. In these caucus states participation is far less than in states where primaries are held. Calculating a popular vote is near impossible, something that the press, who was less than enthralled with Clinton in 2008 than today, was quick to challenge, when Clinton used this same argument against then candidate Barrack Obama. 

2. Clinton’s lead over Sanders is way more than Obama’s lead over her in 2008 – Comparing where we are today to where the race was in 2008 is again like comparing apples and onions, it doesn’t work. While the raw data is accurate, as of today April 5 prior to Wisconsin’s primary vote, the raw pledged delegate count (no superdelegates) Clinton 1264 Sanders 1040 in 2008 late March/early April Obama had 1610 to Clinton’s 1480 pledged delegates. There is one huge difference between 2008 and 2016 that does not get mentioned; the order in which the state’s voted. At this point in time in 2008 the two biggest delegate rich states California and New York had already voted, holding their primaries in February.

To further debunk the lead argument; at this point in time in 2008 there were only 566 pledged delegates on the table. Today there are 1747 pledged delegates up for grabs, not including Superdelegates. Apples and Onions.


3. The math isn’t in Sanders’ favor- See number 2. There are 1747 pledged delegates left to win. Again there are 1747 pledged delegates that are up for grabs. In 2008 at this point in time there were only 566 delegates left to win. 

  2008primaries          2016.74



4. Sanders has to win 57% or 67%, or 70% (or whatever number they are saying today) of the remaining vote – Sanders does not need to win by 57% in every state to get the nomination, this is an oversimplification of numbers that are constantly in flux, changing with each state.

5. Clinton leads with Superdelegates– Not one single Superdelegate has cast a vote, not one. Superdelegates make up 15% of the total Democratic delegates and they vote at the convention in July. At this point in time they are completely irrelevant and a distraction from the real race.

Trump the Media’s Trojan Horse to Stop the Revolution?


For a while it looked liked Americans were finally waking up to the fact that they have been loosing the class war that they didn’t even know they were in. This is because the two insurgent candidates, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were sounding a lot alike, reflective of the fact that the far right and the far left actually agree with what is wrong with our country; we live in an oligarchy. The mainstream media is the elite’s propaganda machine, big money is ruining our political system, free trade has decimated the middle class and the military industrial complex keeps us in perpetual war and our tax dollars far from the United States.

It is time that all Americans realize that they have been snookered. You have fallen for a classic divide and conquer scheme. You have been divided up into categories, filled with propaganda about “the other” and you spend your energy fighting the wrong entity. This is a classic technique that has been used by those who want or have power for thousands of years from Julius Caesar to Napoleon. The technique’s most recent success story is in the United States.

While you were busy fighting “the other,” the corporate takeover of your country slowly occurred, right under your nose. They bought the media, they cut your pay, they raised the price of everything, they sent your job overseas, they sent your brother to war, they poisoned your children, they polluted your planet, they stole your money, they told you lies.

For once, both political parties had a candidate that was finally speaking about the oh-so taboo subject of class warfare in this country. This was evident by cross over support between Sanders and Trump supporters, but as Donald Trump’s racist dog whistle grew louder and louder he started a divide between the low class populism movements and it makes no sense.

If Trump were sincere with his pro low-class rhetoric he would not be working so hard to divide us along race lines. Make no mistake about it, we are having a revolution; it is time that people educate themselves in the art of political warfare because the opposition knows it well. The fact that Trump is using race to divide and conquer, which jinns up the left right division, which will be used by the corporate media to divert our attention from the real problem; the raging war on the lower class, leads me to believe that Trump is a Trojan horse for the corporation that has taken over the country.



This is not about Black/White, Republican/Democrat, and North/South it is about CLASS. It is about how the people who own the means of production want to keep the masses poor and enslaved, they don’t care what color you are or what Party you belong to.

For the sake of our country, let us not fall for this divide and conquer scheme at this most critical point in our history.




2016 Looks A Lot Like 2008



As the 2016-nomination season steams ahead, do you have a feeling of deja vu? I am sure Hillary Clinton does. She and the rest of the Democratic Party have found themselves in the same exact scenario as 8 years ago and Secretary Clinton is headed down the same road, making the same destructive moves she did in ’08.

The scenario we find ourselves in is that of the inevitable nominee Hillary Clinton, with all her experience and baggage, running against Not Hillary, and then there are the voters, who seem to be following their hearts. (Read my blog  Clinton, not Sanders will bring more gridlock in which I predicted this would happen.)

In some ways Senator Sanders is doing much better than Barrack Obama was in 2008, doing better in the demographics that Obama used to beat Clinton. Back in 2008 Obama won 57% of Iowa voters under 30 years old to Clinton’s 25% Sanders won 84% of those under 30 to Clinton’s 14%. And the demographic pattern in Iowa and New Hampshire goes on from there.

Those still unable to believe that Sanders has a shot at the nomination, need only substitute the word “Sanders” for “Obama” in the 2008 Huffington Post article, that analyzed why Hillary lost to Obama,

          ” Obama’s message has been consistent from Day One. Clinton lurched from             experienced  insider” to “populist outsider” from Margaret Thatcher-like “Iron Lady” to    a “victim   being bullied.” And of course, Obama’s huge small-donor-driven fundraising advantage gave him the ability to out-communicate her in the paid media – often by a factor of two-to-one.”

It is worthwhile to take a second look at the entire article to understand the similarity to 2008 and to see just where this campaign is headed.

It was in NH in ’08 that Clinton said her feelings were hurt when asked about Obama polling higher in likability than her.

This scene has repeated itself again for Clinton, as she has been significantly trailing Sanders in likability.

It was also in New Hampshire in ’08 when President Bill Clinton couldn’t help himself and got nasty, attacking candidate Obama, something that backfired then and now, as we saw this week when President Bill Clinton attacked Sanders.

The backlash of comments made by Hillary surrogates Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem solidify that it only hurts Hillary when her campaign goes negative. President Clinton should not be stumping for his wife; he is a brilliant campaigner but he is incapable of towing the line and refraining from going nasty. We don’t blame him, its his wife, but it is not good for Hillary and its not good for his legacy, he should not be put in that position.

Next stop along Deja Vu Avenue is a Clinton campaign shake up, which is rumored to be underway right now, this didn’t happen in ’08 until much further along in the contest. Perhaps this is a sign that Clinton realizes she is traveling along a dangerous and familiar road. Secretary Clinton herself has maintained that this would be a close race. If Clinton foresaw this happening, then her campaign should have been able to see these ’08 potholes that keep popping up, because as someone who isn’t even supporting her this time around, it is getting painful to watch.